Low Flow (D13) Delrin Inertia Pump


The Inertial Pumps (also called Foot Valves) simplicity has allowed it to be adapted to a wide variety of sizes, making it suitable for numerous applications. It will also perform well in harsh environments that would ruin other more expensive pumps. Today, it has become one of the most prolific devices for purging and sampling monitoring wells. Enviropump inertial Pumps are available in four (4) performance ranges: Standard Flow, High Flow, Low Flow and Micro Flow.


The Delrin D-13 uses .5-in (13mm) OD tubing. Ideal for sampling in piezometers, sampling damaged wells and custom installations. Flow Rate: 0 - .6 gallons/min (0 - 2.2 L/min). Lift Capacity: 65.5-feet (20meters).


  • self tapping male or female threads for quick installation
  • ball contained in valve for quick sealing and fast valve reaction
  • constructed from organic resistant materials
  • inexpensive and reliable
  • suitable for well development, purging, sampling and VOC sampling

Inertial Pump Operation

Foot Valve Operation Drawing

  1. Tubing/Valve assembly is installed in well. Water level inside tubing rises to that in well.
  2. A rapid upstroke closes the foot valve and lifts the water column inside the tubing a distance equal to the stroke.
  3. At the end of the upstroke, the water column continues to rise due to its momentum. A further column of water is thus simultaneously drawn into the tube.
  4. Pushing the tubing down immediately after the upstroke forces a further column of water into the tubing due to the inertia of the water column.
  5. The cycle is repeated and water rises in pulses to discharge at the surface.

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