Proactive Water Spout 1 - Single Inline Top Pump Section


The Water Spout 1 Single Inline Top pump section is designed for the field technician to build their own pump. Simply connecting the Single Inline Top pump with the Two Bottom Booster pumps will produce a Water Spout 2® Complete Pump. Its reliable design is suitable for continuous purging of groundwater wells. Simplify and Expedite Your Next Sampling Event! The Water Spout 1® can operate under harsh conditions with higher turbidity. The Water Spout 1® can run continuously in water without the need for a cool down! The Water Spout 1® has a 400 hour motor life! The Water Spout 1® has a sleek outside that minimizes well hang-ups. The Water Spout 1® is a very reliable and economical pump that provides a great bang for your buck!


Power Consumption: 30 WATTS (MAX)
Volt Recommendation: 12-15 At Source
Maximum AMP Output: 2 AMPS
Measurements: Length 7" / Diameter: 1.8"
Required Tubing: 3/8" or 1/2" ID Tubing
Supplied With: 36-inches of Lead Wire

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